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MEDCAH employs the latest technologies to ensure efficiencies and data security at all levels. Our software is recognized as a leader in the industry and is regularly maintained to ensure data security and compliance standards. Collection functions are automated for expedient and accurate handling of each account.

Our network enables each department to be an integral part of the collection process. Design features offer the following benefits:
As the Client, your requirements are established individually. This important benefit allows you to determine how your accounts will be administered.

MEDCAH adapts to your needs regarding timelines, statistical requirements, customer sensitivity and the reporting of debts to nationwide credit bureaus.


Our collectors “work the accounts” as they are scheduled based on prescribed conditions. This method ensures that all accounts will be given proper and thorough attention and follow through. MEDCAH’s system also tracks work load and measures collector productivity. Design functions, along with collection letters assist the collectors’ efforts by automatically routing accounts to appropriate support areas. This feature enhances collector productivity.

Automatic call processing is expediently handled through a predictive dialing system. This technology has revolutionized the entire collection process. Collectors work in teams, their pace and work load are dramatically efficient. Our teamwork approach fosters a spirit of success on behalf of our clients.

The system network identifies same and similar account files. Because of our broad and diverse client base we are often representing several clients seeking payment from the same consumer. Combining efforts increase efficiency while maintaining strict compliance with HIPAA and other privacy acts.

Partial payments are managed and tracked by the system. Collectors are alerted of missed payments enabling timely follow-up.

On-line skip-tracing is provided through one of the largest consumer information databases in the U.S. Collectors can directly access location information which greatly reduces the number of steps and time normally required to locate those who have moved.

Annual software upgrades enhance our overall operations and in turn benefit our clients.


Report customization and our flexibility to meet your reporting needs are key to our ability to help clients manage their collection inventory. Most reports are available online or in electronic formats.

A wide range of customized reports are available to our clients!

  • Client Inventory Reports

  • Legal Recommendation Report

  • Payment Plan Report

  • Cancellation Report

  • Daily Transaction by Client

  • Legal Posting Report

  • Year-to-date Client Collection Graph


MEDCAH’s collection services are provided on all assigned accounts. Contingency fees are applied to all payments received on assigned accounts. Industry standard commission rates vary based on a number of factors. We invite you to contact us directly so that we can match our services and rates to meet your collection needs. MEDCAH accepts accounts of all sizes and ages, within the limits of the law.

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